Perhaps you’ve heard the term, but don’t really know what it entails… Listen to this episode and find out!

  • Intro to Due Diligence [2:05]
  • Make sure it looks good on paper first! [4:01]
  • Do you physically go and see the property? [5:25]
  • Don’t put the cart before the horse! [6:17]
  • What about an inspection? [7:58]
  • Do you do environmental reports? [9:20]
  • How often should I visit the property? [10:06]
  • Who else can help me? [10:19]
  • What if I don’t like to fly? [10:36]
  • Other benefits of going [11:19]
  • Don’t fall into this trap [12:20]

What else would you like to know about due diligence?