People We’ve Helped


Mary Burak

Hi Chris,

I just want to express my gratitude to you and Alan for all the knowledge and expertise you both have passed on to me.  “Thank you” does not cover all the help and training you have given to me.  I look forward to learning more and having a long and successful relationship with you both.

Mary Burak Chatsworth, CA


Grace J

Thanks Chris,

I’ve printed the checklist from your course and currently use it when speaking with brokers.Thanks for keeping me informed and up to speed in the business!

Have a blessed day,

Grace J


Eddie Rogan from Collegeville, PA

I’m excited!… It feels like for the first time I’m actually making progress outside from just studying. There’s so much unknown having not been through a deal before…but I’m confident that as long as I make progress everyday then it will happen!”

Eddie Rogan from Collegeville, PA



You have a great teaching for apartment buildings!

Dennis J


Hello Chris,

Thanks for sending me your PowerPoint presentation.  It will help very much when I am speaking with brokers/ agents!

Izhak Kohfman


I want to first and foremost thank you for taking the time out and creating the modules. In just this short amount of time, I have over 6 pages of notes to review. This is awesome. The modules were extremely informative and I honestly feel like I've learned some knew tactics that I haven't heard before. They were all simple and easy to follow along with.

Modesta Lopez


Hey Chris,

I want to emphasize my appreciation for your time and information. 

You didn't just make it all about RE and made it very personable and specific to me.  That is great.

I'll be glad to learn more and develop with your training program.

Thanks again.

Jerome Minor from Sacramento, CA