The business of buying apartments can be quite ovrwhelming and there’s so many moving parts.

Which items on our “to-do list” take precedence?

Check out this lesson and find out!

  • What it comes down to… [3:35]
  • Not your average real estate investing book… [4:36]
  • You don’t need to see the whole staircase… [5:35]
  • What you should focus on [6:58]
  • What should I do first? [7:33]
  • The preferred deal source [9:25]
  • One of your biggest objectives [10:05]
  • Don’t buy the Statue of Liberty! [10:40]
  • Here’s step one [12:20]
  • There are deals out there! [14:29]
  • Fly under the radar [15:25]
  • Busy w/ no time? Do this [16:57]
  • Here’s step two [19:00]
  • How to work w/ my group [19:57]

So what do you think?

Did this lesson help you and put things into perspective??