1.  There are a variety of ways that you can get deals

  • Getting them off the internet, is going to be one of the primary ways that we are going to use to find these deals and that is going to be through real estate brokers.
  • So you can find real estate brokers from a variety of places on the internet, but the primary method that I use and that most people use, the most commonly used in the industry, is going to be from a website called Loopnet.com.
  • There is a free version of this, and you can also pay $75 a month, that’s what I have… a premium account.
  • For a premium version, there’s more bells and whistles that come with it, there’s more brokers on there with the premium subscription account, but you don’t need that.
  • You can get started for free. It is somewhat limited but it’ll be enough to get you up and running.


That’s not your only avenue.


  • There’s also other websites such as thebrokerlist.com which is free.
  • Even if you just Google search “brokers” you’ll find sites like nreionline.com. with the top brokers.

They are all over the internet.  They’re also on social media obviously, LinkedIn, you can find brokers there too.



The website that is associated with my brokerage, Coldwell Banker, you can also go there.

It is CBC Metro Brokers worldwide and you’ll find commercial brokers in various markets.

 I discuss markets here if you missed it: Check it out by clicking here.



So you can find Coldwell Banker agents throughout the country just by going on that avenue alone.

You can also find brokers that are in different companies like Keller Williams, etc.


2.  Reach out

So your primary tool is really going to be the phone call.

You just want to reach out to these brokers and your ultimate goal is really just building a rapport with them, developing that relationship with them long term so that they can keep you in mind when they have deals that come onto their plate.


If you can personally meet with them for coffee,

that would be ideal.


Doing that face to face meeting, you build a stronger rapport with them where they can sit down with you and see you face to face and talk to you and you can answer each other’s questions.




But if you do not live near brokers that are in this industry, for example, there’s not really many people where I live in Connecticut that are brokers specializing in commercial multi-families because there’s really not as many as some of these other markets like Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas, where there are commercial brokers that specialize in multi-families left and right….


Simply reach out to them through the internet, touching them in a variety of ways too is effective, mixing up ways of networking.


I would start initially with the phone call, then if you can set up a meet and greet, if it’s feasible to do that locally that would be ideal.


Also just stay in touch via:


texting if appropriate

inbox through social media:

LinkedIn and Facebook.


Brokers are very easy to approach.


They understand networking and they understand the phone call even though it seems, for lack of a better word, cold if you will, just reaching out to a complete stranger.


Real estate agents, they get it and they are sitting there waiting to do business with you.


So don’t be scared about reaching out to these people.  You have to be somewhat aggressive with this.


You have to reach out and find Brokers who have these deals.

They are not going to come to you right off the bat if you’re just getting started out.



  • I can help you with all this if you’re struggling with it, if you don’t like to make phone calls, if you just need a little bit of conditioning with it and you want some support.


  • I offer scripts to help you with all this in my program.

    You can get my scripts by clicking here in this article I wrote.


Like I said, the support is here, I can help you if you like, handle all of the objections, how to get started, how to get comfortable and acclimated with prospecting and making phone calls and just doing it.


  • I want to support you and I want to help you find deals.


  • I don’t want you to have any roadblocks, especially if you are just not into making phone calls.


  • I don’t want that to stop you from getting deals because it is the nature of the beast.


Fortunately for you, as you become more seasoned and you develop some credibility and a reputation over time, brokers and different people in the industry will get to know your name.


Then it will become much easier for you.  

If you are just starting out, you have to get after it and really make a name for yourself and get out there and break the ice!

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