#1= “But I have a family, a full-time job, etc… How much time do I need to put into this business?”

#2= “But I’m Broke…”

#3= “Will people take me seriously since I don’t have any experience?”

#4= “Should I start with buying smaller deals and work my way up?”

#5= “Want Off-Market Deals?”

#6= “Do I need my own company to do this business?”

#7= “Are there still any good deals left out there?”

#8= “Do I Need A License?”

#9= “But I Don’t Want To Be A Landlord…”

#10= “Do I Need To Buy In My Backyard?”

#11= “Live In One Of The Units & Rent Out The Other 99 Units?!”

I love sharing what I know with people that are just getting started... Like this:

Check It Out As Robert & I Discuss:

😎 Business card 101

🤔 What to say when you get half-ass financials

🙏 How to get to the promise land of off-market deals

💪 Various other specific scripts and things to say

🤗 Networking- Facebook is not enough!

🌍 Local vs. Virtual team building

🤷‍♂️Watch out for the scammers!

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