Want Some Help Getting Started In Buying Large, Cash-Flowing Apartments In 2017?

Don’t Let Your Financial Situation, Lack Of Experience Or Poor Credit History Hold You Back!

Learn The Key Strategy We Are CURRENTLY Using To Acquire Apartments, Despite This Highly Competitive, Seller’s Market

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What You Will Learn In My Training…


 Key Value Play Areas  To Focus On When Looking For Deals 


Why We As Syndicators Are Getting Outbid & What We Can Do About It

The Most Important Thing To Tell Brokers, So They Don’t Waist Your Time & Send You Deals That Are Junk

Basic Pitfalls To Avoid, When Getting Started In Buying Apartments 

How To Get Organized And Prepared For Taking Leads

So far we learned about what markets to go shopping in for potential apartment deals and we learned the path of least resistance which is calling brokers, finding them on the internet, social media and building relationships with them so they can potentially send us...

How To Speak To Brokers, So They Send You Deals!

Now this is what really makes or breaks the business... Doing prospecting... learning the language and it's the conversations that you have with people when you're talking on the phone and you're looking for deals, generally referred to as prospecting. It's not that...

Finding Apartment Deals 101

  1.  There are a variety of ways that you can get deals Getting them off the internet, is going to be one of the primary ways that we are going to use to find these deals and that is going to be through real estate brokers. So you can find real estate brokers...

Working With Investors & Partnerships 101

  This is a partnership business.   You're just going to bring various players to the table that have any given skill set or resource that you may need, whether that be money or experience.   It's just partnering in a joint venture capacity on a deal by...

Want To Know Where The Best Real Estate Markets In The U.S. Are For Buying Apartment Buildings?

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Chris Tracy


Learn How To Buy & Invest In Large Multifamily Apartments… Regardless Of Financial Situation, Experience Or Credit History… Ask Me How…Let’s Connect!

I always wondered… What’s the best type of real estate business?

The business of buying large multifamily apartment buildings is definitely it… without a doubt.

My name is Chris Tracy, Acquisition Specialist with Synergetic Investment Group, LLC and Realtor, specializing in multifamily investment properties with Coldwell Banker.

Let me tell you why I love large apartment deals:

Unlike doing smaller, residential deals…

  • The majority of the business of investing in large apartment buildings is done via phone, fax and email.
  • You can work from home, as much or as little as you would like, at a time that is convenient for you!
  • A handful of hours invested per week into implementing this business is all it takes.
  • Best Of All…It’s a scalable business, which is the beauty of it, because you can afford property management companies to run your deals for you. It’s not feasible to do so with smaller investment properties.  Which is why many property owners are landlords and run the property themselves.

I typically spend a few hours per day reaching out to other brokers, making phone calls, looking for deals and investors.


I am often sent more deals than I can handle!

My team and I make offers on the ones that make sense.

Because once you get a deal from a broker or a private seller, you still need to analyze it with a fine tooth comb.

Contrary to what you may believe, there are still deals out there!