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I specialize in helping "Newbies" get into the game of buying multifamily apartments.

Want some strategic guidance on how you can as well?

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You Will Gain Valuable Insight On:

Exploring Markets

Learn how to evaluate markets systematically even if they're a thousand miles away from you and without the need for expensive and fancy software.

Raising Capital

Get started off on the right foot with finding investors.

Effective Networking & Partnering

When you go "Networking", do you have a strategy in place or do you just talk to random people and hand out business cards, hoping that the people you actually NEED to do business with are compelled to call you?

Finding Deals

Learn exactly what to say to brokers, their typical objections, how to handle them with confidence and tips on how to build relationships with them so they'll send you off-market deals.

What makes me different?

First off, I’m NOT a “Guru” and have no desire to be.

I am however, on a mission to raise the “value bar” and revolutionize the business of teaching people (especially “Newbies”), how to get started in the business of buying and investing in apartments.

I know how hard it is to attack all the aspects of this business (market research, calling brokers, raising capital, etc.) and manage everything else you have going on in your life.

I’m Chris Tracy… author of the book, “The Syndicator’s Prerequisite Course” and I raise capital for my group- The Synergetic Investment Group, LLC.

I’m a General Partner in 3 deals with this group, but I’m not up in an ivory tower somewhere like many people in the industry.

A lot of people ask me how I got started and I’m always open to sharing the path I walked on my journey. 

If you want to hop on a quick call, I’m up for it and I would love to share my experiences with you!  I’ve been doing just that for years and I love to teach.

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